- The Prometheus Project -

Online Coaching

I want to change people
for the better and not just
provide simple plans

What you get?

If you want to get the best out of your body, I will help you! I am working with an app that allows you to have everything in one place – your individually tailored workout plans with videos for every exercise, your individually tailored meal plans with detailed recipes and most importantly a very useful chatting function that ensures that we always stay in contact.

Success stories


After my apprenticeship as a carpenter I noticed that this job was not as fulfilling for me as I imagined in the first place. I knew I had to do something creative, but most importantly that I had to find a job that I would do with passion. The only way to do so was to make my hobby my job and bodybuilding and fitness were exactly what I loved. Bodybuilding allows me to be creative and I can sculpt my body the way I want it to be with my own hands, purely through willpower and hard work.

As more and more people asked me for help, I soon noticed that I like to work with individuals to help them with their training, nutrition but also when it comes to motivation and their mindset.

Having 10+ years of experience under my belt, the achievement of becoming the German vice champion in the heavyweight division in natural bodybuilding, a high school degree (abitur) with the focus on sports and biology and a current B.Sc. study program in sports sciences, I gathered a lot of experience throughout the years to support you most effectively in achieving your goals.

Growth or demolition!!